🔴 LIVE! Sharks, Dinosaurs, Outer Space and MORE! 🦈| Nat Geo Kids Compilations | @natgeokids

🔴 LIVE! Sharks, Dinosaurs, Outer Space and MORE! 🦈| Nat Geo Kids Compilations | @natgeokids

Watch sharks, dinosaurs, outer space, and all the best of Nat Geo Kids LIVE! This stream features moments from Amazing Animals, Destination World, Dino Road Trip, What Sam Sees and Things You Wanna Know!

Amazing Animals
Watch to discover interesting facts about animals from all over the world.

Destination World
Our Earth is amazing! It’s made up of 7 huge landmasses called continents and each one is unique from the others. From the deserts of Africa to mega cities of Asia, watch as we explore the coolest places and most interesting facts about each of our continents.

Dino Road Trip
Join dinosaur pals Ali the Ankylosaurus and Sean the Iguanodon as they time travel on a Dino Road Trip! Tour guide Simon takes them back millions of years to meet crazy prehistoric animals that once roamed the land, air, and even the sea! Along the way, Ali and Sean take selfies and collect fun facts about each animal with their mobile tablet.

What Sam Sees
Jump into the water with scuba diver Sam and discover the amazing world of underwater animals. The Sam Cam gives you a secret look at her ocean adventures, which she goes on with aquarium experts whose exclusive interviews add more fun to the journey.

Things You Wanna Know
Are you in search for cool fun facts about our animals, dinosaurs, world, space, bugs, and much more? Then look no further! Here’s a fun and exciting new series about some of the best topics ever! Learn basic facts, discover things you didn’t know and find out the answers to your burning questions.

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