2023/2024 Season 4 Live Owl Camera

2023/2024 Season 4 Live Owl Camera

Hello Everyone Welcome to our Live Owl Camera. Season 4
Hoots was checking out the nest the crows scared him away I know he will be back so we turned on the camera so we can get him recorded

We are located in Corona California USA. This is our 3rd season with “Owlvira” and “Hoots”
They are Great Horned Owls. Owlvira is the female she is larger and darker brown with a more distinct larger white patch on her front we think she is around 5-years old. Hoots Is the smaller owl we think he is around 4-Years old. They have both been in our pine tree sense they were little. first we noticed Owlvira about 4-years ago then about 8-months later Hoots showed up. Throughout December Hoots has the responsibility to make sure the nest is acceptable and ready for Owlvira to lay her eggs.
Great Horned Owls usually lay their eggs in SO California in Mid January (Last year it was the 20th). Owlvira will stay in the nest FULL time after laying the eggs Hoots will bring her food throughout the day.

The nest is 40′ high and very stable. it is a 24″ round by 19″ wine barrel (Home depot) lined with coco core. Our camera is an “AXIS P1448-LE” We stream with the “Camstreamer App”

We sponsor this for the world to watch and enjoy we make NO money. Be nice in the chat and feel free to ask questions we will do our best to get back to you ASAP.
Our Chat monitors are.
“Owl_&_Osprey_Lover_ CA”

If you would like to contribute in any way click on the super chat OR feel free to email me direct.



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