Two Israeli tourists, Egyptian guide, ‘shot dead in Alexandria’

Two Israeli tourists, Egyptian guide, ‘shot dead in Alexandria’

This is the first attack on Israelis in Egypt in several decades. —Reuters/File

The Israeli foreign ministry reported that two Israelis and an Egyptian guide were shot dead in Alexandria, Egypt on Sunday. 

The shooting incident occurred in the Sawari district of Alexandria, allegedly perpetrated by a policeman who now finds himself in custody, as disclosed by two Egyptian security sources who opted for anonymity.

Regrettably, one Egyptian individual suffered injuries during the shooting. This is the first attack on Israelis in Egypt in several decades. The Egyptian interior ministry has not provided any official comments on the incident.

This event unfolded shortly after a prior attack on Israel by Hamas, triggering Israel’s pledge of “mighty vengeance” in response. Tragically, this ongoing violence has already claimed the lives of hundreds, casting a sombre shadow over the region.

The death toll from Saturday’s massive attack by Hamas on Israel has risen to 300 while over 1,000 have been injured with Palestinian gunmen escaping with dozens of hostages including military personnel, Israeli media reported today.

One of the Egyptian sources offered insight into the policeman’s mindset, suggesting that he lost control and fired indiscriminately at the tourist group following some form of provocation. It’s worth noting that Egypt was the first Arab nation to normalise relations with Israel. 

However, despite their cooperation in security and energy, many Egyptians, like others across the Arab world, continue to express solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

In light of these distressing events, the head of Egyptian intelligence maintained close communication with officials from both Israel and Hamas — this effort aimed to address the escalating violence that unfolded on the previous Saturday. 

In an incident back in June, three Israeli soldiers and an Egyptian security officer lost their lives during a lengthy encounter near the border shared by the two nations.

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