Texan oil tycoon celebrates Namira Salim’s successful spaceflight

Texan oil tycoon celebrates Namira Salim’s successful spaceflight

Namira Salim (first right) poses for a group photo with Syed Javaid Anwar (second right). — by reporter

DALLAS: In a prestigious luncheon held in Dallas, Texas-based oil business magnate of Pakistani origin Syed Javaid Anwar extended a warm tribute to Namira Salim’s successful spaceflight from Spaceport America in New Mexico.

Pakistan’s pioneering first astronaut, Salim, has brought Pakistan into the global spotlight.

On the occasion, Anwar lauded the astronaut’s remarkable contributions and her efforts to elevate Pakistan’s reputation, describing her achievements as a commendable milestone.

He emphasised that Salim’s journey serves as an inspiration not only to all Pakistanis but especially to Pakistani women, demonstrating that with determination and courage, the poles, and the highest peaks, from Mount Everest to the vastness of space, are conquerable.

Salim was also the first Pakistani at the North Pole in 2007, the South Pole in 2008, and the first Asian to Skydive (tandem) Mount Everest during the First Everest Skydive in 2008.

She expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Anwar during the event and conveyed her dedication to advocating global peace through space initiatives.

She also highlighted her role in shaping history through her endeavors in peace initiatives, particularly through space diplomacy.

As the Founder and Executive Chairperson of Space Trust, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting space as the new frontier for peace on earth, Salim highlighted its first milestone, 0G (zero gravity) Peace Mission 2030.

This groundbreaking mission, in collaboration with the University of Nairobi and the University of Arizona, has gained a unique opportunity for a free launch to space due to the collaboration between the United Nations and Avio SpA.

The mission aims to inspire change and foster a worldwide dialogue of peace and cooperation.

Meanwhile, Anwar reiterated his wholehearted support for Namira Salim’s endeavors in promoting peace on Earth through Space Diplomacy, assuring her of his unwavering cooperation for this noble mission.

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