AFC 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers — schedule, format, results, standings as of now

AFC 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers —  schedule, format, results, standings as of now

Premier League stars Heung-min Son, Kaoru Mitoma, Saman Ghoddos will navigate their 2026 FIFA World Cup aspirations over the next three years

Asian (AFC) 2026 World Cup qualifying: Format, results, standings as of now.—FIFA 

The journey to the 2026 World Cup in Asia involves multiple stages, with the AFC set to allocate eight teams directly and a ninth team competing in inter-confederation playoffs. 

Notably, Africa and Europe will surpass Asia in team representation. Premier League stars like Heung-min Son, Kaoru Mitoma, and Saman Ghoddos will navigate their World Cup aspirations over the next three years.

The qualification unfolds in stages:

1. First Round (Oct. 11-17, 2023): 20 teams in a home-and-away format.

2. Second Round (Nov. 2023 – June 2024): 36 teams in nine groups; top two from each advance.

3. Third Round (begins Sept. 2024): 18 teams in three groups; the top two qualify, and others to the fourth round.

4. Fourth Round (begins Oct. 2025): Six teams in two groups; group winners qualify, second-place teams to the fifth round.

5. Fifth Round (November 2025): Two teams; winner advances to inter-confederation playoffs.

Schedule — First-round fixtures, results

October 11

Afghanistan 1-0 Mongolia

Maldives 1-1 Bangladesh

Singapore 2-1 Guam

Yemen 3-0 Sri Lanka

Myanmar 5-1 Macau

Cambodia 0-0 Pakistan

Chinese Taipei 4-0 Timor-Leste

Indonesia 6-0 Brunei

Hong Kong 4-0 Bhutan

Nepal 1-1 Laos

October 17

Mongolia 0-1 (0-2 agg) Afghanistan

Bangladesh 2-1 (3-2 agg) Maldives

Guam 0-1 (1-3 agg) Singapore

Sri Lanka 1-1 (1-4 agg) Yemen

Macau 0-0 (1-5 agg) Myanmar

Pakistan 1-0 (1-0 agg) Cambodia

Timor-Leste 0-3 (0-7 agg) Chinese Taipei

Brunei 0-6 (0-12 agg) Indonesia

Bhutan 2-0 (2-4 agg) Hong Kong

Laos 0-1 (1-2 agg) Nepal

Asian (AFC) 2026 World Cup qualification schedule — Second round

November 16

Australia vs Bangladesh — 4am ET

Japan vs Myanmar — 5:02 am ET

South Korea vs Singapore — 6am ET

Philippines vs Vietnam — 6am ET

Thailand vs China — 7:30am ET

Malaysia vs Kyrgyzstan — 8am ET

Tajikistan vs Jordan — 8am ET

Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan — 9am ET

Lebanon vs Palestine — 9am ET

Iran vs Hong Kong — 9:30am ET

Iraq vs Indonesia — 9:45am ET

Oman vs Chinese Taipei — 10am ET

UAE vs Nepal — 10:45 am ET

Qatar vs Afghanistan — 10:45am ET

Saudi Arabia vs Pakistan — 11:30am ET

Kuwait vs India — 11:30am ET

Syria vs North Korea — Noon ET

Yemen vs Bahrain — 1pm ET

November 21

Pakistan vs Tajikistan — 4am ET

Myanmar vs North Korea — 4:30am ET

Philippines vs Indonesia — 6am ET

Chinese Taipei vs Malaysia — 6am ET

Bangladesh vs Lebanon — 6:45am ET

Singapore vs Thailand — 7am ET

Vietnam vs Iraq — 7am ET

China vs South Korea — 7am ET

Hong Kong vs Turkmenistan — 7am ET

Uzbekistan vs Iran — 8am ET

Nepal vs Yemen — 8:15am ET

India vs Qatar — 8:30am ET

Palestine vs Australia — 9am ET

Kyrgyzstan vs Oman — 9am ET

Syria vs Japan — 9:45am ET

Bahrain vs UAE — 10:45am ET

Jordan vs Saudi Arabia — 11am ET

Afghanistan vs Kuwait — Noon ET

Second round groups

Group A





Group B



North Korea


Group C

South Korea




Group D




Chinese Taipei

Group E




Hong Kong

Group F





Group G

Saudi Arabia




Group H

United Arab Emirates


Yemen or Sri Lanka


Group I





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