BLACKPINK member Jennie’s alleged indoor smoking incident leads to call for investigation | K-pop Movie News – Times of India

BLACKPINK member Jennie’s alleged indoor smoking incident leads to call for investigation | K-pop Movie News – Times of India

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie finds herself at the center of a heated controversy following the circulation of a video allegedly showing her smoking indoors while overseas. The footage, which quickly spread across various online platforms, was initially part of Jennie’s YouTube vlog posted on July 2 but has since been removed. In the video, Jennie is seen receiving makeup and hair touch-ups from staff, during which she appears to take a puff from what appears to be an electronic cigarette and exhales smoke.

The act has drawn sharp criticism for its perceived disregard of those around her, particularly the staff attending to her grooming needs.

According to South Korea’s National Health Promotion Act, smoking indoors in designated non-smoking areas, such as large office buildings, can incur fines up to 100,000 won ($80). Netizens have voiced strong opinions, condemning Jennie’s actions with comments questioning celebrities‘ understanding of smoking etiquette and suggesting greater restraint in such public situations.
Following the uproar surrounding this incident, new developments have emerged as a concerned netizen, identified as ‘A’, took to an online community to voice grievances and call for action. According to reports from various media outlets, ‘A’ asserted that the controversial smoking scene involving Jennie likely occurred at a recent filming location on the Italian island of Capri. And in Capri, where she was, regulations strictly forbid smoking in enclosed spaces.
In the detailed post, ‘A’ disclosed that they had formally lodged a complaint via the National Petition Portal to the Korean Embassy in Italy, urging for an investigation into the matter. The netizen also provided evidence of their submission, including a screenshot indicating that the complaint had been forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In the complaint, ‘A’ passionately appealed, “The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Italy should request an investigation from the Italian authorities regarding BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s indoor smoking incident and take strict action”, as quoted by KTimes. The plea emphasized the importance of strict measures to address the situation, reflecting broader concerns about public figures‘ responsibilities and behaviors.

This incident draws parallels to past controversies involving celebrities such as actor Ji Chang-wook and singer Do Kyung-soo, who faced similar backlash and public scrutiny after being caught smoking indoors. Their actions had prompted apologies amid criticisms for disregarding smoking regulations and showing insensitivity towards those in their vicinity.

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