Ed Sheeran announces final dates for Mathematics Tour: ‘This is the end’

Ed Sheeran announces final dates for Mathematics Tour: ‘This is the end’

Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics Tour ‘comes to an end’ with European tour dates revelation

Ed Sheeran revealed that his Mathematics World Tour will officially come to an end in 2025.

On Friday, July 5, the Perfect chart-topper took to Instagram to announce the dates for the last leg of his three-year-old tour.

“In 2025, Mathematics Tour comes to an end!” he exclaimed at the beginning of the caption. “Gonna be hitting most of the other places we haven’t been to yet.”

The 32-year-old pop star noted that the final stopovers of the tour will be in Europe, adding, “But the first dates to go up will be the rest of Europe.”

“It was time to Stop, but then we can press Play…” he ended the caption on a playful note.

The post was accompanied by a carousel featuring a cover picture of Sheeran with his guitar, set against a vibrant, colorful background with the 2025 European tour dates mentioned at the bottom.

In the following slide, he included a video of himself saying, “2025 is the end of the Mathematics Tour.”

“We’re going to be doing big shows in Europe some more that we’re going to announce soon,” he added

Sheeran, who kicked off the Mathematics Tour in April 2022, said in the video, “this is it, this is the end,” emphasizing the conclusion of his extensive tour.

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