Man Attempts To Eat “100 Litres” Of Strawberries, Internet Calls Him “Guy From Math Problems”

Man Attempts To Eat “100 Litres” Of Strawberries, Internet Calls Him “Guy From Math Problems”

Our social media feeds often introduce us to bizarre videos and strange food challenges. Recently, a video of a content creator consuming a gigantic container filled with innumerable strawberries went viral. The reason for his engaging in this act is not specified. In the Instagram reel by @wollywhatthe, we see a man consuming what he eating what he claims to be is the equivalent of “100 litres” of strawberries. The digital creator pops whole strawberries into his mouth, one after another. He continues to do so until the box is empty.

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The video has received more than 6 million views so far. In the comments, many people expressed their doubts about his eating the strawberries in one go. They pointed out aspects of the video that looked suspicious to them. Others were simply curious about what would happen after he had finished all of them. A few users left sarcastic comments. Read the reactions below:

“It’s the guy from the math problems.”

“12 hours of eating strawberries yet the light in the room from outside didn’t change?? Okay, sure.”

“You are telling me he was standing in nearly the same position and constantly chewing for 12 hours?”

“Great editing skills! Too bad the sun didn’t set in those 12 hours lol.”

“It’s him eating the leaves too that’s getting me.”

“The tummy ache I would have. I also don’t think I would be able to feel my tongue.”

“Not sure why I watched this whole thing.”

“Rumor is he turned into a strawberry the next day.”

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