Justin Timberlake to expand sports bar business with Tiger Woods

Justin Timberlake to expand sports bar business with Tiger Woods

Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods are going beyond the United States of America with their sports bar business.

According to BBC, the pop superstar, 43, and golfing legend, 48, are working out together to open up a new sports bar called T-Squared Social, a clever take on “Timberlake” and “Tiger”, in Scotland.

The report came after the duo first opened up their T-Squared Social bar in New York City last month.

The bar, which is awaiting approval by Five Council, the local authority for the Fife area of Scotland, will be located in the historic movie theater New Picture House Cinema in St. Andrews.

Two of the original cinema screens will remain as part of the redevelopment proposal, while sports simulators, duckpin bowling, and darts will be added.

The two stars in their respective fields, thought of the business idea “after finishing a round of golf at Albany in The Bahamas,” according to the business website.

The Cry Me a River singer and legendary golfer “started talking about doing more together in a business that builds upon their passions.”

“They dreamt of a place they would be proud to share with family, friends and fans, and are excited to open this New York City location – with eyes already looking to new locations around the world,” the website said. 

“Stay tuned on where these two friends take T-Squared Social.”

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