Kai Cenat’s fireworks prank with MrBeast fools fans and nearly gets him banned from Twitch | The Express Tribune

Kai Cenat’s fireworks prank with MrBeast fools fans and nearly gets him banned from Twitch | The Express Tribune

YouTuber Kai Cenat, known for his viral pranks and comedy skits, has left fans reeling with his latest stunt. 

During a live stream with MrBeast on Wednesday night, Kai and his friend Davis staged a dramatic fight in a room filled with fireworks. 

The scene escalated as Davis appeared to light one of the fireworks, causing the room to fill with smoke and the screen to go dark amidst the sound of explosions.

The following day, Kai revealed the entire incident was a meticulously planned prank, calling it the “best live prank of all time.” 

On a Twitch live stream, Kai shared that he and MrBeast had spent over a month building a replica of his room in a remote field. 

The prank culminated in a YouTube video titled “How I Tricked The Internet With MrBeast,” where Kai expressed his delight at how well the prank worked, particularly enjoying fans’ attempts to deduce that the room was a set.

However, the prank nearly had serious consequences. 

Kai admitted that he almost got banned from Twitch, as the platform’s guidelines prohibit content that could endanger lives or encourage harmful behavior.

“They told us ASAP, we can get banned for blowing it up. We didn’t know this whole time,” Kai explained. 

“That’s why the VOD went down. If anyone went to check the VOD, the VOD disappeared. I was on the verge of getting banned, I had to hurry up and tell my rep – the people that represent me on Twitch – I had to show them everything, I had to show them the whole set.”

Twitch’s community guidelines state: “We also prohibit activity that may endanger your life, lead to your physical harm, or encourage others to engage in physically harmful behavior. We do not make exceptions for self-destructive behavior performed as a stunt or gag made in jest, or meant to entertain when the behavior could reasonably be expected to cause physical injury to anyone on our service.” 

Kai had to prove that the stunt was done safely, ultimately releasing a video with MrBeast showing the set in an open field and explaining the safety precautions taken. 

The video revealed that Kai and his crew were hiding in a bunker, safely away from the fireworks, and celebrated the successful prank, exclaiming, “They believe it!” after seeing the reactions from his viewers.

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