Kate Winslet remembers ‘Titanic’ produces Landau after his death

Kate Winslet remembers ‘Titanic’ produces Landau after his death

Kate Winslet became a globally famous star after Jon Landau’s ‘Titanic’ 

Kate Winslet is remembering Titanic producer Jon Landau after his death at 63, calling him “the kindest and best of men.”

Winslet shared sweet words for Landau, who also produced Avatar: The Way of Water, noting “his passion for filmmaking only deepened with age.”

The Reader star said she knew the producer since she was only 20. Prior to her global stardom due to Titanic, she starred in arthouse films like Sense and Sensibility and Heavenly Creatures.

Titanic, directed by James Cameron got Winslet her second Oscar nomination and became the highest grossing film ever, later getting dethroned by Cameron’s Avatar.

“Jon Landau was the kindest and best of men,” The Regime star told Deadline.

“He was a man who was rich with compassion and exceptional at supporting and nurturing teams of phenomenal creative people,” she noted.

“His strength in life was knowing the importance of family, at home and at work,” she added.

“He was always full of smiles and gratitude. I can’t believe I am writing this, can’t believe he is gone,” she concluded. 

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