Promote Lung Health Naturally! Try This Ajwain Mulethi Kadha To Combat Air Pollution

Promote Lung Health Naturally! Try This Ajwain Mulethi Kadha To Combat Air Pollution

As Delhi and other parts of Northern India are experiencing a hazardous air quality index, health experts everywhere are recommending people wear masks, stay indoors as much as possible, and take enough care of themselves. If you have been coughing, sneezing, and having throat and eye irritation, then let us tell you, it is time to be extra cautious. These are the common health hazards people experience due to air pollution. Consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta weighs in, “The protective antioxidants present in the lining of our lungs fight the pollution out till they are outnumbered. Thereafter, the pollutants start attacking the immune and body cells producing free radicals and causing inflammation.”
Rupali Datta further explains that consuming nutrients including “vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D, carotenoids and various minerals” is one of the easiest ways to combat the threats and boost lung health. In this article, we will share a simple kadha recipe that you can include in your diet to combat air pollution. The concoction includes mulethi, ajwain, ginger, and jaggery. Read on.
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Kadha Recipe To Combat Air Pollution: How Ajwain-Mulethi Kadha Helps Boost Lung Health:

An Indian kitchen never fails to surprise us. It hosts a range of ingredients that come with the wisdom of the past and work as the perfect home remedy for several health problems. Nutritionist Lovneet Batra picked a few such common ingredients from our kitchen to prepare a concoction that may have the potential to prevent inflammation, and respiratory problems and combat the poor air quality outside.
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Ajwain For Lung Health: How Ajwain Helps Combat Air Pollution:

Ajwain contains various essential oils including thymol and carvacrol, which can help fight various fungal and viral growth in the body. Lovneet Batra explains that these essential oils are also known to provide relief from coughing due to air pollution.

Ginger For Lung Health: How Ginger Helps Combat Air Pollution:

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which help remove toxins from the body. This further helps reduce lung damage due to inflammation, the expert states.

Mulethi For Lung Health: How Mulethi Helps Combat Air Pollution:

Mulethi has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-allergic, and anti-inflammatory properties, which help fight respiratory infections. Lovneet Batra weighs in, it also helps lower lung inflammation and provides relief from lung congestion.

Jaggery For Lung Health: How Jaggery Helps Combat Air Pollution:

Jaggery is known to be exceptionally good for people with breathing disorders. Its anti-allergic properties help detoxify and relax the respiratory muscles. Lovneet Batra weighs in, “Jaggery helps reduce throat irritation caused due to air pollution”.

DIY Kadha Recipe For Air Pollution: How To Make Ajwain-Mulethi Kadha To Promote Lung Health:

The recipe is super simple. You need a three-inch piece of mulethi, one teaspoon ajwain, a half-inch piece of ginger, and a teaspoon of jaggery.
Now, boil all the ingredients together in 1.5 cups of water for at least two minutes. Strain and sip. But always remember, moderation is the key!

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