SEAN HANNITY: Israel has an ‘obligation’ to fight back

SEAN HANNITY: Israel has an ‘obligation’ to fight back

FOX News host Sean Hannity details Palestinian terror group Hamas’ “savage” attack on Israel with the goal to eliminate Jewish and Israeli people. 

SEAN HANNITY: We are told that a full scale ground invasion with well over 100,000 troops, many as possibly as many as 300,000, is now imminent. Israel is fighting back against what is a savage enemy that wants to wipe them off the planet. Over the weekend, Hamas terrorists – they stormed to southern Israel. They did it by air, land and sea. They para-glided into a music festival where they slaughtered at least 260 young, unarmed concertgoers, including one 30-year-old woman whose naked body was paraded around by Hamas terrorists while they were filming and cheering and chanting once again, Allahu Akbar. Quote, interpretation, God is great. Other civilians, including children, they were bound, they were beaten. They were taken as hostages. 


In this video, a young woman is covered in blood, thrown into the back of a Jeep by several terrorists. Yeah, more chants of Allahu Akbar. And other Hamas terrorists went door to door in local towns, taking hostages, murdering entire families, shooting family pets, setting homes on fire. And in one hometown, by the way, and one home to just over a thousand people. That’s over 100 dead bodies were just recovered. There are also reports that Hamas filming some of the more gruesome murders with the victim’s own phones and then uploading that footage to the victim’s social media platforms for all of their family and friends to see. Pretty evil. One such video purportedly showing Hamas shooting a little girl in front of her parents and then taking the rest of the family hostage.


And also breaking today, Hamas is now openly threatening to execute hostages on camera, and that would include American citizens that are hostage, including the nine that we have confirmed that are dead, Americans dead as a result of this attack. The Rolling Stone magazine is now reporting tonight that dozens of Americans are now being held in Gaza by terrorists. And so far, well, actually, that figure has gone to 11 Americans. Among the 1,100 men, women and children murdered by Hamas during the initial attack. And tonight, Israel doesn’t just have the right to fight back. They have an obligation to eliminate every single member of Hamas and obliterate them.

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