Simone Biles’ husband Jonathan Owens breaks silence on ‘catch’ remark

Simone Biles’ husband Jonathan Owens breaks silence on ‘catch’ remark

Simone Biles’ husband addresses online backlash over ‘catch’ comment

Simone Biles’ husband Jonathan Owens has recently broken his silence after he was slammed for “the catch” remark.

Speaking with US WEEKLY, Owens said, “I have all my social media notifications off, so I didn’t even know for a while.”

“I was actually with my mom and Simone whenever it came out, so, all the comments and everything, I just let them read it,” he told the outlet.

Owens stated, “I try to stay off of it, and obviously if you feel like stuff is kind of getting out of hand, that’s when you reach in and say something.”

The NFL star, who is married to seven-time Olympic champion Biles in April 2023, previously appeared on The Pivot Podcast in December 2023 where he called himself “the catch” and even said that he didn’t know who Biles was when they matched on celebrity dating app Raya.

“I’m like, ‘Lemme see who this is.’ I never really paid attention to gymnastics. When she won the Olympics, I was in college and we didn’t have NBC, we didn’t have Olympics channels, and we were in [training] camp [in] late July, early August,” recalled the football star.

When host Ryan Clark asked if he considered himself the better “catch” in their relationship, Owens responded, “I always say that the men are the catch.”

Addressing online reaction, the NFL star, who got married to the brunette beauty in April 2023, told US, “If you say something, they’re going to say something; if you don’t say something, they’re going to say something.”

“So, just live your life. People are going to talk about you anyway, so you might as well do it the way you want to,” he added.

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