Taylor Swift’s longtime pal throws shade at Billie Eilish’s new album

Taylor Swift’s longtime pal throws shade at Billie Eilish’s new album

Taylor Swift’s producer throws shade at Billie Eilish’s new album

Jack Antonoff fueled rumours of feud between pal Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish with his recent comments.

During an appearance on the Today show, the longtime collaborator of the Midnights artist appeared to take a dig at Billie’s hit track Lunch from her new album.

“It’s hard to write unless you’re really compelled,” Antonoff said in the viral clip. “And sometimes what compels you is way more serious things.”

He went on: “You don’t hear a lot of great songs about, like, one’s lunch order. So the things you don’t really understand and cause you pain are usually things worth writing about.”

While it’s possible that Jack did not mean to shade the 22-year-old artist with his innocuous remarks, fans of the singer were anything but convinced.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one user slammed his monotonous production skills, writing: “We know he’s bitter cause everyone is getting sick of his boring production.”

“this is a 40yr old man btw and billie and finneas haven’t said or done anything to him like he’s such a loser,” another noted.

At the center of backlash aimed at the Grammy-winning producer, a few came to his defense by pointing out the real meaning behind Billie’s song.

“there’s no way y’all are serious this is VERY obviously not about billie. turn that ego complex down by about 85% and realize not everything is about you,” a user scoffed, adding: “idk if y’all are aware but billies song lunch isn’t LITERALLY about someone’s lunch order y’all need to use your brains”.

It is pertinent to note that Taylor and Billie have been rumoured to be in a feud since the latter’s release of Hit Me Hard and Soft in May.

Internet users pointed out Swift’s pattern to release multiple versions of her album on the same day as the artist, presumably in a bid to stay on top of the charts.

A recent report from the Daily Mail also doubled down on the Reputation artist’s insecurity with the What Was I Made For singer’s rising popularity.

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