Tori Spelling opens up about veneer procedure: ‘I’m smiling again’

Tori Spelling opens up about veneer procedure: ‘I’m smiling again’

Tori Spelling gets a new procedure done. 

Tori Spelling has offered fans an intimate glimpse into her journey with veneers, a transformation that has revitalized her confidence and brought back her radiant smile.

At 51, the actress has shared her experience, admitting that her dental care took a backseat over the years, leading to a decline in her once dazzling smile.

With the guidance of her longtime friend and renowned dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands, Spelling embarked on a rejuvenating dental makeover.

Both Spelling and Sands documented the process in a series of videos, capturing everything from her initial consultation to the day she proudly displayed her new veneers.

“I’m getting a new smile with Dr. Sands. It feels surreal to say that. Kevin and I have been best friends since we were 15 years old,” she shared during her consultation back in May.

The procedure not only enhanced her appearance but also restored her self-assurance.

In a recent visit, she reminisced from her chair, sharing fond memories: “I recall every scene of 90210 with a smile,” she confided to her friend. 

Responding to her remark,the dentist, renowned for his work with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Drake, complimented, “Your teeth were truly exceptional.” 

Reflecting on her past, she responded wistfully, “They were.” Dr. Sands then outlined his agenda for the day: “Our task today involves removing a fine layer from the surface of your tooth.”

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