Want Lustrous Hair? Nutritionist Reveals 3 Seeds To Incorporate Into Your Diet

Want Lustrous Hair? Nutritionist Reveals 3 Seeds To Incorporate Into Your Diet

Is your hair looking dry and frizzy? Does your hair lack that natural shine and volume? If so, fret not, you’ve come to the right place. We understand that external factors like pollution or the use of hair colour and chemicals can damage your hair. However, what we often do not pay attention to is our everyday diet. As important as it is to protect your hair from external factors, you must provide internal nourishment as well. Recently, nutritionist Deepshika Jain took to her official Instagram handle to share some wonder seeds that can transform the quality of your hair. Intrigued to know what these seeds are? Take a look:
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Here Are 3 Seeds You Can Consume For Healthy Hair, As Per The Nutritionist:

Nutritionist Deepshika Jain suggested three seeds to incorporate into your diet if you want healthy and luscious hair.

1. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds have emerged as a superfood in recent times. And why not? They have some incredible benefits to offer for our health. It comes as no surprise that these tiny black seeds can also be beneficial for hair health. Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and biotin – all great for our hair. Jain explains that omega-3 helps combat hair issues like flakiness and dryness and nourishes the scalp. The other two vitamins aid in strengthening the hair follicles, giving it that extra shine. She suggests using ground raw flax seeds and incorporating them into yoghurt, fruit bowls, etc. 

2. Fenugreek Seeds

The nutritionist also recommends adding fenugreek seeds to your diet. Also known as methi seeds, they are rich in iron, folic acid, and protein. She states that iron and folic acid help improve the oxygen supply to the hair scalp, hence combating hair fall and hair thinning. Whereas, protein will make your hair stronger and healthier. Wondering what is the best way to eat these seeds? Jain suggests sprouting them for more protein production. After sprouting, you can also make its powder and add it to your meals. 

3. Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are also known to be highly nutritious. They are a great source of plant-based protein, making them great for our health. As we all know, protein is one of the most essential nutrients required to keep our hair healthy, and hemp seeds have it in abundance. Additionally, hemp seeds are also rich in omega-3, making them even better for your hair. The nutritionist recommends soaking hemp seeds before consuming them to reap their benefits for hair health.

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What Are The Worst Foods For Hair Health?

Now that you know about the best seeds for your hair, you must be wondering what foods you should avoid. Here are some that you should steer clear of:

1. Deep-Fried Food

Deep-fried food is probably the worst thing we can consume. Not only do they cause high cholesterol, but can also be harmful to our hair. The reason for this is their high oil content. When we consume greasy foods such as pakodas, samosa, French fries, etc., they can make our scalp greasy. A greasy scalp leads to the clogging of pores, thus causing hair problems.

2. Sugary Foods

You must exclude all types of sugary foods from your diet. These include chocolates, gulab jamun, cakes, ice cream, and all things sweet that your heart desires. Sugary foods can cause inflammation and damage our hair follicles – something we want to avoid. If you wish to have luscious hair, you’ll have to keep your sugar intake to a minimum.
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3. Refined Flour

Refined flour (maida) can also be detrimental to our hair health. This is because refined flour has a high glycaemic index, causing a spike in insulin levels. When we have high insulin levels, we are more prone to issues like hair loss. To avoid this, swap foods that have refined flour as an ingredient with healthier alternatives like whole wheat flour (atta).

Incorporate these seeds into your diet and achieve the healthy and luscious hair you’ve always desired.

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