Watch: Man Makes Jackfruit Dumplings, Leaves Internet Drooling

Watch: Man Makes Jackfruit Dumplings, Leaves Internet Drooling

Jackfruit is a go-to summer fruit for many. It brings a wide range of flavours to the table. Oh, and, how can we forget that jackfruit is also referred to as veg mutton? But have you ever heard of jackfruit dumplings? In a now-viral Instagram video, a person demonstrated how to make jackfruit stuffed dumplings for a healthy twist to your dietary regimen. The person starts his culinary venture by slicing a prickly jumbo jackfruit in two halves. He cleans the skin and pops out the seeds. Next, it is chopped into small oval pieces. The chunks are added to a ghee-smeared pan. In a health-conscious move, the man pours a substantial quantity of liquid jaggery into the mix, instead of sugar. Well done. Dietary enthusiasts, are you taking notes? Grated coconut and elaichi powder are added next.

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Wait up, there’s more to come. In a separate bowl, the man pours two cups of rice flour, coupled with 1 tablespoon each of salt and ghee. Jackfruit paste is added to the blend, followed by more liquid jaggery and elaichi powder. The dumplings are almost ready foodies. The man whisks the mix, resulting in a crumbly texture, and spills water. The thick paste, filled with the fruit stuffing is placed inside cone-shaped jackfruit leaves. They are put to steam and voila! Cony jackfruit dumplings are ready to be served. Enjoy!

Food aficionados flocked to the comments section reacting to the nutritious recipe. “I bet he is Mangalorean,” pointed out one user. 

“Do you stay in Karnataka,” asked another.

“Wow!!! I will try this! I love jackfruit,” admitted an excited food enthusiast. 

A person found the jackfruit dumplings “Super duper”

“My mouth just completely got filled with saliva upon watching (this),” confessed an individual. 

“Brilliant. My Naani used to make it without the fillings,” shared someone else. 

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Would you like to try these tasty jackfruit dumplings?  

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