What kind of weather can Karachiites expect today?

What kind of weather can Karachiites expect today?

A man serves cold drinks to commuters along a street on a hot summer day in Karachi on June 27, 2024. — AFP

KARACHI: The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said Friday that the port city is expected to experience partly cloudy conditions today.

The PMD also said that, despite partly cloudy conditions, the metropolis’s hot and humid weather is likely persist for the next 24 hours.

According to the Met Office, the maximum temperature is likely to climb to 34°C to 36°C, accompanied by a humidity ratio of 76%.

However, sea winds which will be blowing at the speed of 21 kilometres per hour, may grant Karachiites slight respite from the heat.

In the last 24 hours, the minimum temperature was recorded at 31°C, Meteorological Department said.

Additionally, while the weather in most districts of Balochistan is also likely to be hot and humid, the Met Office predicts a chance of rain with strong winds and thunder in Zhob, Shirani, Musa Khel, Barkhan, Khuzdar.

Residents of the provincial capital of Sindh have longed for a break from the sweltering temperatures that have recently gripped the city.

But, so far, Karachi has only received drizzle in some areas which improved the weather but was still not enough to break the heat spell.

Earlier this week, Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfaraz said that the metropolitan city is likely to witness rains after July 8.

The official’s remarks came as the PMD has predicted “vigorous monsoon activity” in the upper and central parts during the week courtesy of strong monsoon currents from the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

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