“Which State Has The Best Biryani?” Internet Reacts To Post By Singapore’s Envoy To India

“Which State Has The Best Biryani?” Internet Reacts To Post By Singapore’s Envoy To India

World Biryani Day 2024 was celebrated on July 7. To mark the occasion, Singapore’s High Commissioner to India, Simon Wong, shared a special post on X (formerly Twitter). He posted a video and photos showing him making this beloved treat and asked his followers for suggestions. In the video, Simon Wong can be seen standing in front of a large vessel, filled with biryani, that is placed on a stove. He opens it and sniffs at the vapours that escape, saying, “Wow! It’s smelling great.” He continues, “What you need to do is give it a good stir from the bottom so that all the ingredients are nicely mashed up together.” He mixes the layers together as he speaks and says “Success, I suppose… in the first attempt. I hope it will be good. Enjoy.”

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The photos show a lip-smacking food spread. One kadhai holds the delicious-looking biryani with meat pieces. A bowl of what seems to be raita is kept to one side. The other plates hold boiled eggs, fried onions and cut veggies (onions, tomatoes and cucumber). The caption of the post reads, “Namaste India! Happy World Biryani Day! My first attempt at making biryani. Tell me which State has the best biryani and I will make a visit. Bon appetite. – HC Wong.” Take a look below:

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X users had a lot to say about the post. Several replied with suggestions for different kinds of biryani they thought Simon Wong should not miss out on. Check out some of the reactions and recommendations below:

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