‘Why Does Rahul Gandhi Hate Hindus So Much?’ BJP Hits Back After Congress Leader’s Ayodhya Barb – News18

‘Why Does Rahul Gandhi Hate Hindus So Much?’ BJP Hits Back After Congress Leader’s Ayodhya Barb – News18

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Rahul Gandhi targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the BJP’s defeat from the Faizabad Lok Sabha seat in Uttar Pradesh, where Ayodhya is located. (PTI Photo)

BJP IT chief slams Rahul Gandhi’s Ayodhya remarks, alleging anti-Hindu sentiment. Read more on the latest political controversy

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has hit back at Rahul Gandhi after the Congress leader claimed that the INDIA bloc defeated the Ram temple movement following the alliance’s recent win in the Faizabad Lok Sabha seat, dealing a setback to the ruling party in Ayodhya.

On Saturday, Rahul targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the BJP’s defeat in Uttar Pradesh’s Faizabad, where Ayodhya is located. In a post on X, BJP IT chief Amit Malviya described the Congress leader as “childish” and asked, “Why does Rahul Gandhi hate Hindus so much?”

“Childish Rahul Gandhi is claiming that the Indian alliance has defeated the Ram Janmabhoomi movement, which was centered in Ayodhya. Why does Rahul Gandhi hate Hindus so much? There have been people who claimed to erase the existence of Lord Shri Ram before, but all of them vanished. But there are still crores of devotees who have faith in Lord Ram,” Malviya said while posting a video of Rahul Gandhi.

On Saturday, Rahul Gandhi said the INDIA bloc has defeated the Ram temple movement once led by L K Advani and expressed confidence that the saffron party will meet the same fate in Gujarat in the next election. He said the Congress has been challenged and threatened by the BJP, but it will defeat the saffron party and Narendra Modi in Gujarat just the way it was defeated in Ayodhya.

Gandhi was addressing party workers here days after the Congress and BJP clashed outside the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) office when saffron party workers went there to protest against his (Gandhi’s) remarks on Hindus. “They (BJP) have challenged us by threatening us and damaging our office. Let me tell you that we are together going to break their government like they damaged our office. Take it in writing that Congress will contest in Gujarat and defeat Narendra Modi and BJP in Gujarat like we did in Ayodhya,” he said.

Gujarat Election

Rahul Gandhi said that Congress will win Gujarat, and from this state, it will make a new start. Congress will defeat BJP in Gujarat because the “balloon of Modi’s vision has burst”, he said. “In Parliament, I asked the prime minister as to whether he was a human being as he himself said he was non-biological and has a direct connection with god. If you are directly connected to god, then how were you defeated in Ayodhya?” he asked.

“You could not have imagined that BJP will get defeated in Ayodhya or that Modi will win Varanasi by a small margin. They are going to be defeated here in Gujarat like they were in Ayodhya. All you have to do is to ask the people of Gujarat to not be scared,” he said. If the people of Gujarat fight without getting scared, the BJP will not be able to stand in front of them, he said.

“Modi wanted to contest from Ayodhya, but his surveyors advised him against this saying he will be defeated and his political career will end,” he said, quoting the newly-elected MP from Faizabad Awadhesh Prasad. “That is why, he (Modi) did not contest from Ayodhya but opted for Varanasi. In Varanasi, we made a few mistakes or else we should have defeated him there as well,” he said. Gandhi said that people of Ayodhya were angry with Modi because he did not pay them compensation for their land, shops and houses.

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