World Chocolate Day: A Beginner’s Guide To Buying And Savouring Dark Chocolate

World Chocolate Day: A Beginner’s Guide To Buying And Savouring Dark Chocolate

Happy World Chocolate Day! This day is for all chocolate lovers to celebrate their favourite sweet treat. Now you might have grown up eating milk chocolates that are sweet and velvety in texture. However, we have an idea on how to expand your understanding of the world of chocolate – by trying dark chocolates. Unlike white or milk chocolates, dark chocolates are bitter, have little to no milk solids, and have a high percentage of cocoa. Buying quality dark chocolate is a skill, and savouring it is an art. Are you willing to master it all? Fret not, we are here to help you every step of the way with this ultimate guide to buying and savouring dark chocolate. Well then, read on and enjoy!

5 Pro Tips For Buying The Best Dark Chocolate:

1. Mind The Sugar

Some dark chocolate brands add too much sugar to their product to make it more palatable. However, maybe you should go back to milk chocolates if you want to eat sugary dark chocolates. Check the list of ingredients and choose the products where sugar is mentioned towards the end, not in the beginning (signifying possibly too much sugar).

2. Less Is More

Of course, as a beginner, you might be attracted to the chocolate with the best packaging. However, we really want you to focus on the ingredients and flavours. Make sure the dark chocolate you choose has little to no artificial ingredients. The shorter the ingredients list, the better may be the quality of your dark chocolate.

3. Focus On The Flavour

You can opt for plain dark chocolate or also choose one with a flavour of your liking, such as vanilla, orange extract, fruits, roasted nuts, etc. The idea is to enjoy eating dark chocolate so choose one you would actually like to eat.

4. ‘Right’ Words To Look Out In The Label

If a dark chocolate’s label has terms like “organic,” “fair trade,” and “single-origin”, it is likely to be a good quality chocolate. Organic dark chocolate is made from cocoa beans that are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Fair trade chocolate ensures that cocoa farmers receive fair wages for their labour. Single-origin means that the cocoa beans used for making this dark chocolate are sourced from a specific region, resulting in chocolate with a unique flavour profile.
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5. Choose The Intensity

As a beginner, do not buy dark chocolate with 90 per cent cocoa. You will not like it. Instead, start with something that has a 50-60% range of cocoa percentage. Once you become a pro, you can gradually buy other dark chocolates with a higher cocoa percentage.

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5 Pro Tips For Savouring Dark Chocolate

Once you master the art of tasting dark chocolate, you may never go back to those sweet milky chocolates. Dark chocolates are rich and have an intense flavour. Now that you know how to buy the right kind of dark chocolate, let’s move on to learn how to best eat it so that you can appreciate it to the fullest. 

1. Take A Good Look At Your Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate well is an experience. So, we do not want you to be distracted by your phone or the TV. Sit comfortably, remove the packaging and take a good look at the colour and texture of your bitter-sweet treat.

2. Smell The Chocolate

Just like wine tasting, we encourage you to first smell the chocolate before you taste it. Hold the bar of chocolate close to your nose and take a deep breath. Focus on the scents and different flavour notes that you may be able to detect.

3. Taste The Chocolate

Dark chocolate is meant to be enjoyed in little pieces. Do not take a big bite. Break off a little piece and put it on your tongue. Let it melt and unleash all the intense and rich flavours the chocolate has to offer. Slowly chew the rest, focusing on all kinds of notes and textures you experience.

4. Pair It With Other Foods

You can also savour a dark chocolate by pairing it with fruits such as strawberries or oranges, or with a glass of your favourite wine. The complimenting food or drink will bring out new flavours of the dark chocolate for a remarkable experience.

5. Make Note Of The Finish

The finish refers to the aftertaste of the dark chocolate once you are done eating it. Did you like it? What kind of flavours are still lingering on your tongue? Was the finish smooth and pleasant? Observe and it will help you evaluate your experience and if you would like to take another bite or not. Happy tasting!
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With this incredible guide, we hope you enjoy the world of dark chocolate and fall in love with chocolate all over again. Happy World Chocolate Day!

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