Kelly Osbourne weighs in on her decision to quit music

Kelly Osbourne weighs in on her decision to quit music

Kelly Osbourne reflects on her decision to quit music: More inside

Kelly Osbourne has recently weighed in on her decision to quit music.

Speaking on the latest episode of her family’s podcast, The Osbournes, said, “I’ve definitely thought about [getting back into music]. I’ve definitely thought about what my life would have been like if I didn’t stop.”

“It’s definitely a regret. Will I do anything about that regret? I don’t know,” remarked the 39-year-old.

Elaborating on why she didn’t pursue music career, Kelly mentioned, “I was doing so much TV. I was doing so much touring, and so much publicity, and so many interviews, and I wanted to go out and have fun.”

The reality TV star stated, “I didn’t want it to be all work and no play, and I didn’t know how to even that out and have any balance in my life.”

“And it was bad, but I also covered up a lot of my insecurity, and a lot of the naysaying and comparisons and just talking with drugs,” she continued.

Kelly pointed out, “I numbed myself with it. So it kind of went hand in hand with that, with me, and I had to choose myself over all of that.”

“People think I’m a joke and that I’m famous because of who my father is,” she mentioned.

Kelly noted, “They wanted that, I’m a girl, here’s my punk-rock-pop’ attitude. They told me what to wear and demanded that I lose weight.”

“And when I didn’t want to do it, they said, ‘You’re 16. You have a record deal. Why are you complaining?’ So, I didn’t say anything,” added the singer.

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