Meghan Markle’s royal dream shattered

Meghan Markle’s royal dream shattered

Meghan Markle – who relocated to the US with her husband Prince Harry in 2020 – allegedly wanted to be the queen, according to royal author Tom Bower.

The royal commentator gave his take on Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle’s  longing to be back with the firm, years after the couple stepped down as senior working royals.

“Kate is glowing, Kate is successful, Kate is popular. She has everything that Meghan wanted,” Bower previously told Closer Magazine.

When the former Suits star married into the royal family in 2018, she had envisioned doing things “her way,” but Bower emphasized that there’s only one accepted path.

“There’s only way and that’s the royal way,” he declared.

The Duke of Sussex, currently fifth in line for the British throne, holds a position that Meghan hates, signaling a departure from her initial aspirations.

On the other hand, Ingrid Seward told Newsweek: “I was so surprised when I heard the queen liked Meghan but she did. Meghan’s a smart lady whatever people think of her.”

The author went on: “She knew exactly how to butter up the queen. Even Harry gave us a little glimpse of it by the dogs.”

Harry told Meghan during their engagement interview in November 2017 that “the corgis took to you straight away,” while Meghan added they were “just laying on my feet during tea, it was very sweet.”

“Maybe she had a few treats in her handbag for them,” Seward said. “Harry actually said Meghan was a great hit with the dogs. They always yap at him but they were all over Meghan. I don’t think that the queen actually saw very much of them. Meghan being American used to ring her up, which a lot of her children don’t do.

“I think she kept in touch with her because she knew it was important and then she met Meghan’s [mother].”

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